About Us

How It All Began...

I was sitting on the couch one sunny Sunday afternoon with my girlfriend and soon to be wife, Joanne.

We were talking about how far we had come together, and how blessed we are to have found each other.

After years of failed attempts with speed dating, blind dates, and “swiping right” through hundreds “wrongs”… we had somehow beat the odds.

 We found our soulmate.

I found the one person I want to do all of those cheesy things with… the long walks on the beach, family gatherings, double dates and matching outfits.

I never thought I’d be the type of guy who’d want to wear “His and Her” shirts… but for her, I will.

We want to express our love in a way that inspires others to keep looking for theirs. But we want to do it in a way that still makes us the couple you want to be, not the one that’s so cliche it makes your stomach turn!

So Joanne went on a search for something that described us perfectly… but all she found was random products online that you had to spend hours looking for…

That’s when we realized… the world needed a space specifically for couples in love.

CustoMyLove Is Born

 Our online space was created for the couple who is in love, feel that they have found their soulmate, and have a desire to express their love openly to each other.

We know that it’s hard to find the perfect gift… something that expresses how you feel, without being too cheesy. But the key to doing just that, is to have fun with the cliches… make them your own!

We have found that women LOVE the idea of openly claiming their love… they want to show their bae how strong their feelings are…

And men LOVE making their lady happy… When a man is in love, he’ll do anything to make her smile… and today, that involves wearing one of our shirts or jewelry.

Whether you’re a new flame that’s growing in your desire for each other… engaged and looking for a fun way to spice up your wedding festivities… or you’re celebrating an anniversary with family and friends, and you want to remember this moment…

We can help you express your love in a meaningful way.

Cheers to Love and Happiness,

Dominic Henderson

Founder of CustoMyLove, Inc.